I'm Patrick Huston, an Electrical and Computer Engineer

I'm in my first year at Olin College of Engineering, where I have been pursuing my passions for computer science and software. I've been developing my skills and gaining extensive experience through classes like Software Design, Modeling and Simulation, and Introduction to Sensors, Instrumentation and Measurement, in work through Olin's Mini Baja SAE club, and on my own time pursuing new areas of software development, most recently Android app developement and web development. Look below to see a sampling of some of the projects I've been working on!



iCal Olin

A simple Python-Flask web application that converts student's schedule from HTML format to a downloadable iCalendar email attachment for simple and fast course schedule information with personal calendars. Won first place at Olin Stay Late and Create Sponsored Hackathon

Hashtag Gloves

The world's first twitter-enabled gloves. Designed and created at Hack Holyoke Hackathon in September 2014. Gloves detect when 'hashtag' symbol is made with fingers, then use implementation of Google voice recognition and Twitter APIs to update Twitter feed to spoken text. Won 3rd Place, featured on many technology sites including Gizmodo, TechCrunch, Boston Innovation, and Buzzfeed.


A simple quiz app - adapted from the Big Nerd Ranch Guide on Android Programming. I used this project to begin exploring fragment-centric app design, which allows for much greater flexibility and fewer issues designing and writing more complex applications.

Count to Free

My first published Android application - designed and developed in May 2013. Count to Free is an application that, based on a student's personalized class schedule information, actively displays a countdown to 'freedom', the end of the current class.


Visualisr is a Python-based music visualizer that renders select frames on a gradient of intensity based on the current noise level as measaured by the microphone. In the screenshot above, the images used were 100 frames of my face that range from calm to intense.


Marioscii is an interactive platformer with retro-styled ASCII graphics written in Python. Using motion and audio input to move, the user must navigate 'Mario' through the level to the target platform.

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Have any questions about any of my projects or experience? Don't hesitate to contact me!

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